Profiling CUDA on Tegra K1 (Shield Tablet)

Recently I have struggled a lot to profile a CUDA application on the Shield Tablet. If you were thinking “What the hell would you need a CUDA app for, on a tablet?” I would understand :D. CUDA it’s not for everyday use but can be very powerful.

As of now (Late 2015), the Shield has the most powerful mobile GPU on the market (Tegra Kepler architecture with 192 streaming processors). I decided to evaluate and profile physics algorithms using such architecture.

Reading through documentations, keynotes from GDC, and presentations I found out that is currently not possible to profile a CUDA application from an APK!

NVIDIA offers the Android Works package, previously called Tegra Android Development Pack. This package provides developers with a big suite of handy tools to debug, test and deploy applications on the Shield. Recently, I’ve found this presentation from the GPU Technology Conference in 2014 about profiling CUDA apps. In general, there exist several graphical and command-line tools, but only one is available for Android. See the image below:

Graphical and Command-Line Profiling Tools

Graphical and Command-Line Profiling Tools

As you see, for Android, you can only use nvprof. Nvprof is a command-line tool to profile CUDA applications and it will be explained in the next paragraph. If you look at the red rectangle at the bottom of the picture you will notice that CUDA APK profiling is not supported yet! I.e., if you have in your APK any CUDA kernel, or calls to any library that uses CUDA….you simply can’t profile it. Continue reading “Profiling CUDA on Tegra K1 (Shield Tablet)”